Spring is Just Around the Corner

Spring time is just around the corner, yes we said SPRING TIME. Hard to believe that we are talking about spring when there is snow on the ground but soon the snow will melt and flowers will bloom. While spring time is an exciting time, it could prove to be not so kind to curious pets and unknowing pet owners.

Spring time is the time for flowers and butterflies. As pretty and intoxicating as spring flowers can be, they can also be toxic to your furry family member.  Here is a list of some favorite spring time flowers that can cause harm to your pet:  Lilies, sago palm, azalea, rhododendron, tulips, daffodils and chrysanthemums are all toxic.

If a cat, in particular, ingests just a small amount of lily there is a great chance that it could lead to kidney failure. Keeping indoor plants and flowers at hard to reach places could be one solution, but just to be safe, owners may want to abstain from planting these flora all together if there is a chance your pet could be exposed.

The ASPCA’s Animal poison Control Center received approximately 7,858 calls in 2009 reporting ingestion of one of the aforementioned plants and flowers. Final numbers have not yet been made available as of the number of calls in 2012. Owners should also keep in mind that fertilizer comes with risks as well. In 2009, 2,329 calls where reported to the Animal Poison Control Center that where related to fertilizer exposure, causing potential gastrointestinal obstruction and sever gastric upset.

Not only should owners consider this information when working in the gardens or when brightening up the house with fresh flowers, but they should also think about allergies. There are many different types of allergies for pets, similar to humans. There are inhalants, food, seasonal and interaction (physically touching). If you know that your pet has allergies and/or has had a history of allergies you should call you veterinarian to find out what are some prevention methods you could try before the spring weather gets here. This will allow you to already have a control on a situation before it gets out of control.

Spring is a beautiful time of year to be enjoyed by all family members two legged and four legged.