Rabies Vaccinations are Important

Did you know that EVERY state in the nation with the exception of Hawaii has rabies in local wildlife?
These facts might surprise you.  In 2010 Michigan reported 8 skunks, 60 bats, 2 foxes, 1 canine, 1 feline and 1 horse that were positive for rabies.   In the United States in 2010, there were more than 6,000 rabid animals detected, including 303 cats and 69 dogs.  In 2011 it was reported that 5 skunks, 57 bats, 1 woodchuck, 1 canine and 1 fox were positive for rabies in Michigan.  Did you know that some of those positive bats were right here in the Upper Peninsula from Delta County, Schoolcraft County and Mackinac County?
These statistics are one reason why your Veterinarian recommends that your pets receive a rabies vaccine. It does not matter that your pets do not go outside. Bats can be found inside homes, stores and businesses. To see the statistic of rabies in Michigan you can visit www.michigan.gov/rabies
Please contact your Escanaba Veterinary Clinic today for more information about getting your pet vaccinated for rabies.