February is Pet Dental Month

February is pet dental month.  That means its time to take advantage of our dental month promotion.  We are offering 10% off of all dental procedures scheduled before the end of February. 
Good dental health plays an important role in the overall well being of your furry friend.  The Escanaba Veterinary Clinic would like to encourage all of our clients to take a moment and think about the mouth of your dog or cat.  It is estimated that only a small percentage of all pet owners brush their pet’s teeth on a regular basis.  Do the teeth look bright and white?  Do you notice any foul odors coming from the mouth?  Do any of the teeth appear broken or cracked?  These all may be signs of poor dental health. 
Okay, now you are thinking about the health of your pet’s mouth.  Is it time to take the next step and schedule a dental procedure?  Call 786-8020 or request an appointment through your pet portal.  The 10% promotion only happens once a year.
If you are curious about what happens during a dental procedure, visit our links page and look for the dental listings.