Digital Radiography

Escanaba Veterinary Clinic has gone digital! As of January, we upgraded our radiology department to a CR system, so we said good-bye to X-ray film, and developing.
The CR system is what is commonly used in hospitals, for services such as mammography, and other areas when X-ray is needed.
Some of the advantages are increased efficiency, decreased radiation exposure to the patient and personel, improved radiographic quality, and the ability to send that image electronically for a second opinion. We can also study the image once we have it captured, by magnifying portions of it, changing the contrast, etc, so we can see things more readily, than with film.
Upon installation, I am proud to say, that my team of technicians and doctors, received an excellent rating, based on their ability to learn, and their current knowledge base.
We are all very excited about this improvement, and are happy to be able to offer digital radiography to our clients and patients.
Thanks for being our clients, you are the reason we can make these improvements.
With gratitude,
B. Marlene Mackie, DVM and EVC team.