Cat or Dog? That is the Question

Are you planning on adding to your family? Trying to decide between a feline and canine companion? Here are some fun facts that could help you decide what is best for you.


  1. Most cats are easy to maintain. All they need is food, water and a littler box. These things allow them to survive in your home.
  2. Cats are pretty much independent. You can go to work 8-12 hours a day and your cat may never show you that he/she even noticed your absence. You do not have to rely on a cat sitter or a boarding facility if you should chose not to. You can leave them for a week at a time as long as they have food and water set out, they will survive.
  3. Cats are very clean. Cats clean themselves. Other than having to get something to help with the occasional hairball, you do not have to fight about baths and or bringing them to the groomers.
  4. A lot of cats are couch warmers or window gazers. You do have to keep them entertained.
  5. Cats do not need to be walked or potty trained. They use the litter box.


  1. Most dogs are people pleasers. There is nothing that makes a dog happier than to see their owners happy.
  2. Most dogs are social and love to be around people.
  3. Most dogs promote healthy life styles. Dogs help keep their owners healthy by having to be walked and thus allowing the owner to get exercise.
  4. Almost all dogs are loyal. They are devoted to their family. Some pets have been known to pass from sorrow of losing their owner. They love unconditionally.
  5. Dogs are fun. Most dogs love to run and play with their family. They love games.
There are always some downfalls to each species but keep in mind that the most rewarding thing you will get from either one is love.  That in it’s self is worth the trouble either one of them could bring.