Halloween Pet Safety

It's Halloween night and the door bell is continuously ringing. This may be very frightening to your dog or cat or other pets. You need to have a game plan for them on Halloween. Have a room set up for them and keep them behind closed doors during trick-or-treating hours. Have food, water and a litter box if needed all set up for them.
You saw the cutest costume for your pet! Just because you think a certain Halloween costume for your fur person is cute doesn't mean that they will enjoy wearing it! Try it on them in advance and see how they react. If they don't like it, don't force them to wear it.
If you own a cat and let it go outside, remember that this a bad time of year for cats. Going outside around this holiday could be dangerous for them. Keep them inside for a few days and nights. While they may whine a bit because they are used to going outside, they'll be safer in the house where you can keep an eye on them.
Here are some more tips to keep your pets happy on Halloween.
As much as your dog or cat may beg for some of your Halloween candy, always remember that chocolate can be fatal. There's a chemical that naturally occurs in chocolate that they can not tolerate.
Not only can the candy itself harm your pet but the wrappers can as well, such as tin foil. Any wrapper can get stuck in your pets digestive tract and make them severely ill an/or cause an obstruction that may lead to emergency surgery that can be scary and costly.
Large dogs can have lethal tails when it comes to wagging them. Don't leave any lighted candles or Jack-O-Lanterns where they could be knocked over by a swinging tail or by a curious cat. Not only could your pet start a fire but they could severely burn themselves in the process.
If you are going to dress your pet in a costume, keep in mind that unless the dog or cat is extremely receptive to this kind of thing, you could be causing it discomfort and stress. Some animals don't mind at all but others do not want to be bothered with this kind of thing. They'll be under enough stress with the festivities going on outside and people constantly at the door so don't cause them any more stress then you have to. You may love to dress in costume but then, you aren't a dog or a cat. 
If a pet costume comes with a mask, don't use it. While some dogs will love dressing up, they usually aren't too keen on masks. If you do use a mask on your pet, make sure that its eyes have plenty of room to see and that there is nothing covering its nose or confining it's mouth.
If you are having an indoor party, make sure that you put your dog or cat in a room where they won't be disturbed. Even if your pet is extra friendly and doesn't mind loud noises, music and lots of people you should keep them separate for the night. Also, be careful your cat or dog doesn't dart out through the open door as you hand out candy. Best bet is to just put them in a room with some food and water for the night and check on them once in a while to let them know everything is fine.