Why it is Important to Use Frontline Plus for Flea Protection?

 Many people believe that their pet has to go running through the woods to pick up flea. This is not true. Your pet doesn’t have to go anywhere.  They can pick up fleas from your own backyard or you, yourself can bring fleas into your home. You can pick them up on your clothing and take them right into your home where they will be sure to find your pet.
If your pet gets fleas it is very important to not only treat that pet but every other pet in the household and your home as well. By the time you see fleas on your pet; the fleas have already laid eggs.  Did you know that one flea can lay thousands of eggs and if not treated the cycle keeps repeating itself? Yuck!
Frontline Plus is a topical treatment that you apply every 30 days to aid in flea protection.  Fleas will die within 18 hours of contact with the treated pet, killing not only the adult fleas but the flea larva and eggs too.  Most other flea protection products do not kill all of the life stages of the flea making it difficult to effectively stop flea infestations.   Frontline Plus keeps on killing for 30 days, helping to control and prevent re-infestation.  It also kills 100% of ticks on your pet within 24 to 48 hours. 
You need to treat your pet’s environment as well.  Mycodex is a flea spray that we recommend for the treatment of your home. This spray will allow you to get places that flea bombs and other products might miss, such as underneath the furniture, around the base/trim of your home and down into the carpet fibers (All places where fleas like to hide).  You should wash all of your pet’s bedding in the hottest water possible and vacuum frequently. 
If you are having a problem with fleas, don’t let it bug you.  Call or stop by.  We can help!