Get Ready for Spring!

We know the weather has been cold but we promise spring is right around the corner. Here are some spring things to think about and put on your check list of things to do in spring/summer weather.

Flea, Tick & Heartworm Prevention
Spring is a good time to get your pet back on schedule with before spending extended periods of time in the park or any wooded areas. Beyond carrying fatal diseases, fleas, in particular can present a challenge to get rid of and infest your home. Protect your dog and outdoor cat with a vet-recommended product. We recommend Frontline Plus (for dogs and cats) 10 months out of the year, March Ė December. We also recommend Heartgard Plus (for dogs) year round to prevent heartworms. Heartgard Plus also deworms youíre furry family member every 30 days.

Up-to-Date Vaccinations
Staying on top of your petís vaccinations is especially important during springtime. Dogs are spending more time in the park with each other and may possibly come in contact with a new puppy, a already infected but showing no signs of being sick canine, a raccoon, squirrel, or other wildlife. Keeping their rabies, parvo and distemper vaccinations up to date will help protect your pup from potentially deadly diseases. This is especially important if you own a small puppy, so be sure not to miss an appointment at the vet for a shot. Warm weather will also bring out all the Ferrell cats that can put your cat at risk for Feline leukemia and FIV. Making sure your cats are vaccinated before letting them out can help reduce their chance of being infected. Your cat can also come into contact with other animals such as bats, which can infect your cat with Rabies.

Set Up a Play date
We all tend to take shortcuts when it comes to our walking route or period of time spent at the park when the temperatures dip below freezing. Now that itís finally warmed up a bit, schedule a puppy play date with your neighborís dog or your pupís long-lost puppy kindergarten mate (as long as everyone is current on vaccines).

Enjoy a Sunset or day at the beach
As the sun begins setting later in the day, take a few extra minutes to stop and admire the sunset on your evening walk. Bring the whole family along or enjoy the quiet with your furriest family member. Most dogs love to go swimming. Remember if you are hot they are most likely hot. Just donít forget to take doggie bags to clean up after your pet and keep them on a leash. A lot of other people will be taking their dogs as well and not all dogs are friendly with other dogs. Remember to keep other people in mind as well. Some people can be allergic to your pet. If your furry family member is off leash and runs up to someone sun bathing who is allergic your day at the beach could be over before it starts.

Spring Cleaning
Donít forget your petís areas when cleaning out the closets, changing your sheets, and other important spring cleaning. Clean out and scrub the liter boxes, kennels and food dishes for a fresh, spring start. Give your petís bed a good wash and see what kind of surprises theyíve been keeping from you all winter long. Be careful with trying new detergents, chemicals and or sprays that may cause your pet harm.

Buy Some New Toys
A single game of fetch can quickly turn into an intense ultimate Frisbee tournament among friends and their pups, leaving everyone happy and exhausted by the time you get home. Your cat will love chasing the new toys around and their shadows from the beautiful spring sun.

Go for a Drive
Now that you can finally drive with the windows down sans hat and gloves, pile into the car and take a ride to the beach or a local hiking trail for an outdoor adventure. Bring a picnic with snacks for you and your furry family member and, if someone behaves themselves, present them with a new treat to make long car rides more fun. Just keep in mind that cats and dogs can jump out the window not realizing the consequence of their actions.